Pulmonary Trend Analysis

Pulmonary Trend Analysis is a process that determines whether a change in lung function (FVC or FEV1) is significant. Not all changes in lung function are significant, however, waiting for a 10 or 15% change may be too late. Obviously, early detection of true change is important for a variety of reasons. Pulmonary trend analysis is a scientifically sound process that statistically accounts for measurement noise (ie, inter-test variability) so that true change in lung function can be more readily detected.

Unfortunately, many decisions regarding change in lung function are not based on sound scientific principles. True change must consider a variety of factors. Consider the following questions:
  Is a 250 ml change in FVC significant?
  How about 250 ml per year?
  Does percent change provide more reliable information?
  Is a 15% change in a male subject more significant than a female?
  Is a 100 ml per year change in a young female more significant than an older male?
  Does it matter if the person is short or tall?
  Do people with larger lungs lose lung function faster?
  Does the age of the subject matter?
  If a an excessive change is determined, is the change statistically significant?

Dr. McKay can apply his research and clinical experience to determine whether or not an individual has an excessive change in lung function and whether or not it is statistically significant. This determination works best with at least four test dates.

What you get:
  Unbiased expert opinion.
  Scientifically sound analysis.
  Objective evaluation.
  Interpretative statement regarding whether the change in lung function is normal or excessive.
  A statement regarding the statistical significance of the change.

Dr. McKay has spent a significant portion of his professional career researching lung function testing for the purpose of distinguishing true change from normal variability.

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