Change-out Schedules


Dr. McKay can help employers comply with OSHA requirements for determination of appropriate respirator cartridge and/or filter change out schedules. The revised Respiratory Protection Standard (OSHA 1910.134) requires employers to perform an objective evaluation and to include the results of this evaluation into the written respirator program. The objective evaluation must be performed by a competent and qualified individual.

OSHA no longer permits employers to rely solely on the employees perception of odor or taste to determine when cartridges should be changed. OSHA requires that the "employer shall describe in the respirator program the information and the data relied upon and the basis for the canister and cartridge change schedule and the basis for the reliance of the data".

Factors that can Reduce Cartridge and/or Filter Service Life include, but are not limited to:
Humidity in the air:
  Most, but not all cartridges, have a shorter life with increasing humidity.
  Warmer air decreases adsorptive capacity.
Cartridge Variability:
  Some cartridges last longer than others.
Worker Exertion Level:
  Work activity will alter cartridge service life.
Presence of Oil Mist:
  Respirator filter effectiveness varies with the presence of oil mist components.
Multiple Contaminants:
  Other exposures can alter service life and cause re-release.
  Partially used cartridges/filters have a different service life compared to new ones.
"Changing a cartridge too soon can be expensive.
Changing it too late can be dangerous!"

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