Fit Testing and  Worker Training

On-site or in-house Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing and Worker Training services are available for employers within the greater Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky area. With more than 450 different make and model facepieces, we can fit test nearly any respirator. To schedule fit testing at our clinic, complete a Request Fit Test form.

Our comprehensive services are designed to simplify your record keeping and administrative responsibilities. Copies of test result summaries, identifying successfully fitted respirators will be provided immediately after services are performed. In addition each worker receives a special wallet size certification card, clearly identifying the specific make, model, style and size respirator that fits.

OSHA requires that anyone who wears a tight fitting respirator must be fit tested and trained by a qualified individual. We meet and exceed any and all qualification criteria, giving your program instant credibility. Our time proven techniques reduce your overall costs, since administrative time is significantly reduced. With respect to respirator training, we don't use a videotape. Each year the content of the training program changes to match the needs of the user. In general, our refresher training programs are a shorter in length; more advanced, and are designed to meet the needs of the experienced respirator user.

If you need additional information or a price quotation, please call us at 513/558-1234. Alternatively, e-mail us at:

Additional information about our program is listed below.

Consider our Professional Experience!
  • Experience:
    Dr. McKay is director of the fit testing laboratory at the University of Cincinnati's Center for Occupational Health, where in-house fit testing is performed. Dr. McKay was appointed to the American Industrial Hygiene Association's Respiratory Protection Committee, a national committee developed to disseminate respiratory protection information. In addition, Dr. McKay was selected to serve on the ANSI Z88.10 Respirator Fit Testing subcommittee for the purpose of developing standard guidelines for fit testing respirator wearers as well as the ANSI Z88 Respiratory Protection committee. Dr. McKay has nearly 20 years of quantitative fit testing experience.
  • State of the Art Equipment
    Not only do we use the best equipment available, our knowledgeable staff knows how to use it as well!
  • Third Party Objectivity:
    Our professional approach enhances test quality and minimizes the chance of false testing. Because we have no commitment to a respirator manufacturer, there is no hidden reasons to fit workers to a particular brand name. You choose your brand preference; we'll identify which size fits.
  • Record keeping and Administration:
    Copies of all test results, identifying successfully fitting mask styles, size, make, model, etc, will be sent to each employer. In addition a copy is maintained in our files for future reference. Each worker will also receive a copy of his/her fit testing results. The bottom line is our simplified record keeping process can reduce your administrative time.
  • Longevity:
    Our Center for Occupational Health is an outgrowth of one of the oldest and largest occupational and environmental training programs in the country. This means our testing is recognized by others as thorough and of high quality. In addition, we will be here in the future to answer your questions and/or repeat testing whenever needed.
  • Teaching Experience:
    Dr. McKay teaches a graduate level Respiratory Protection Training class at the Department of Environmental Health as well as respiratory protection continuing education programs. Dr. McKay has taught respiratory protection worldwide and is a recognized authority on the subject.
  • Research:
    Dr. McKay is actively involved in respirator research with publications in peer review journals and has presented findings at several international conferences.
  • Comprehensive Service:
    In addition to fit testing, we provide worker and supervisor training, program assistance, assistance with compliance to respirator standards, etc.
  • Fast, Economical Testing:
    Because of our experience, we can do testing faster and better the first time, without wasting valuable employee work time.

What is the Purpose of Fit Testing?
One purpose of respirator fit testing is to verify that the selected make, model, and size of a tight-fitting facepiece adequately accommodates an individual's unique facial characteristics. This is accomplished so there is reasonable assurance that the wearer has learned to don the facepiece properly and can achieve the anticipated protection during use. Fit Testing also serves as the final exam for worker training. In other words, the worker must be able to don the facepiece and adjust the straps properly in order to pass the fit test!

What is "Quantitative" Fit Testing?
Quantitative fit testing is a procedure used to measure the fit of a respirator. Using "state of the art" computerized equipment, we can identify the proper make, model, and size respirator that best fits your workers without exposing them to irritating gases, dusts, or other particles. The biggest advantage of quantitative fit testing compared to qualitative fit testing is that it does not rely on the wearer's response to determine leakage.

Why Choose the UC Program?
We have over 450 different make, model, and size respirators available for fit testing. Because we handle every respirator brand, we're not forced into fitting workers into a brand you don't use. Finding a respirator that's comfortable is just as important as finding one that fits, and an uncomfortable respirator will not be worn. Prior to our arrival, we will identify your company's preference for a particular brand respirator and will try to fit as many workers as possible into that one brand. If we can't find a respirator that fits properly, or it's uncomfortable to the worker, then we will try your second brand preference.

All of our staff are experienced fit testers. We don't make the costly mistake of switching workers from one brand to another, because they lack experience.

How Important Is Proper Fit?
Issuing respirators without proper education and fit testing may cause more harm than good. Using a poorly fitting respirator can create a false sense of security and result in significant overexposure to hazardous substances. Proper fit can only be identified by fit testing.

Is Fit Testing Required?
Yes. OSHA, NIOSH, and ANSI all require fit testing for tight fitting respirators, including disposables when required to be worn.

Is Worker Training Required?
Yes. OSHA, NIOSH and ANSI all require training for workers who wear respirators. This training can be provided by the employer or, we can provide this training for you.

We Support Respirator Research.
We provide equipment, time, space, facilities and supplies to students at the University of Cincinnati to support new respirator research. Under Dr. McKay's direction, students have developed new fit test methods and ideas. Many of these projects have made their way into current OSHA and ANSI respirator guidelines. Your support of our program helps support the research and educational activities of the University of Cincinnati's Department of Environmental Health.

What We Don't Do:
We don't rely solely on video-tapes for training. We use training programs that match the needs and experience of the respirator wearer. That means each year the worker is given a different training program designed to review basic fundamentals as well as providing updated materials unique to the previously trained and experienced user.

We don't take short cuts. Our mission is to ensure a properly fitted respirator is selected.

We don't send inexperienced staff. Our team is trained by Dr. McKay.

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