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About Roy McKay

Our course director and principle speaker is Dr. Roy McKay, a nationally recognized expert in respiratory protection. Trained as a pulmonary toxicologist, he currently teaches at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center's Department of Environmental Health. Dr. McKay's training programs are of a practical nature, with plenty of demonstrations, hands-on testing, and excellent visual aids to enhance the learning experience.

"We were doing it wrong. Thanks for the information."

B.K., Detroit, MI

Dr. McKay is also director of the respirator fit testing program at the Center for Occupational Health, one of the largest and oldest occupational medicine training facilities in the country. In this role, respirator fit testing and consultative services are performed for local and regional companies. In addition to his teaching and clinical service activities, Dr. McKay is involved in respirator research with publications and presentations at several national and international conferences. Dr. McKay is a current member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association's Respiratory Protection Committee, a national committee developed to disseminate respiratory protection information. In addition, Dr. McKay was chair of the ANSI Z88.10 Fit Testing committee and member of the Full ANSI Z88 committee on respiratory protection.

"Excellent. Dr. McKay was great! Topics were practical and pertinent to our application"

G.K., Cleveland, OH

This broad practical, research, and teaching experience makes Dr. McKay uniquely qualified to give our respirator training programs.

"Excellent teaching techniques. Great slides and lots of equipment."

L.D., Dallas, TX

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ANSI Z88.2-1992:   4.5.6 Respirator Fit
     "Each person shall be fit tested before being assigned a tight-fitting respirator."