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Course Schedule

  • April 17-18, 2019
  • October 23-24, 2019
Course Fee: $570

Save $150 if Fit Test Workshop is taken with Overview of Respiratory Protection
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This two (2) day workshop will provide detailed information and "hands-on" experience for conducting qualitative and quantitative respirator fit testing. Each student will be provided a variety of respirators including filtering facepieces, elastomeric half, and full facepiece respirators for participation in fit testing workshops. A combination of lecture and "hands-on" testing in the presence of a trained and experienced instructor will be used to help participants learn how to conduct respirator fit testing to satisfy regulatory requirements. Hands-on fit testing will include qualitative and quantitative methods. Lectures, demonstrations, and workshops are available on all commonly used OSHA accepted fit test methods: Saccharin sweetener, Bitrex, ambient aerosol (TSI PortaCount and AccuFit 9000), and controlled negative pressure (OHD Quantifit). Class size will be limited to ensure a favorable faculty to student ratio. Students will learn how to set-up, operate, maintain, troubleshoot, analyze, and interpret fit test results. Where appropriate, students will learn how to calibrate testing equipment and record results. All course materials, supplies, equipment, and reference manuals will be provided.

Students will also learn how to inspect respirators for common problems. The manual and workbook are a valuable reference for solving fit testing problems in the future.

This course uses a combination of lecture and small practicum groups to ensure students have ample time to practice and learn fit testing techniques. The second day provides students sufficient time to concentrate on the particular method(s) of interest to them. A "Hands-On" approach is emphasized in this course. Students will fit test several different model and style facepieces, not just one. Students can concentrate on one fit testing method or learn several methods.

This course is designed to teach fit testing techniques. Dr. McKay and his staff have many years of teaching and practical experience. We don't sell or manufacture respiratory equipment, therefore, our approach is to provide students the information needed to properly conduct fit testing. We have no hidden agenda. The information is presented in an unbiased, understandable, and professional manner. We have developed excellent visual training tools, comprehensive manuals, and provide plenty of equipment to enhance the learning experience. Refer to the listing of course topics for additional information.

Course Topics:

Day 1
Students will be given practice problems to solve throughout the workshop to enhance their newly acquired skills.

  • How to Inspect Respirators Prior to Fit Testing
       ("Hands-on" inspection & identification of damaged respirators)
  • General Fit Testing Comments and Procedures
       Mask Donning, Fitting Tips, Strap Adjustment
    • User Seal Checks and Helpful Hints
    • Saccharin Sweetener & Bitrex Qualitative Fit Testing Procedures & Demonstration
    • Inspection Procedures Workshop (Hands-On)
    • Qualitative Fit Testing Workshop (Hands-On)
    • Quantitative Fit Testing with the TSI PortaCount and AccuFit 9000
         General Principles, Pass/Fail Criteria, etc
    • Installing Fit Test Adapters (Hands-On)
    • Calculating Pass/Fail criteria for fit testing

Day 2
On the 2nd day students are introduced to additional fit testing instrumentation, but may concentrate on any method(s) they expect to use at their workplace. All fit testing workshops emphasize donning, strap adjustment, and technical matters universal to all fit testing methods. Optional lectures, demonstrations, and workshops allow students to obtain additional information or concentrate their attention on specific fit testing methods.

    • Additional Lecture on Improving Testing Techniques
    • Interpretation of Test Results
    • Fit Testing Record Keeping Requirements
    • Fit Testing Lectures, Demonstrations, and Workshops with:
         the OHD Quantifit (Controlled Negative Pressure)
    • Continuation of Fit Testing Workshop (more hands-on testing)
    • Quantitative Fit Testing of Filtering Facepiece Respirators with the N95 Companion
         (lecture & demonstration; optional)
         Probing Filtering Facepieces (Hands-On, optional)
    • Special Respirator Problems and Solutions
    • Additional Fit Testing Practicum Time (Hands-On Workshop)
    • Concluding Remarks, Question & Answer Session

Students are given the option of learning all fit testing methods or concentrating on one specific method that meets their personal needs.

Who Should Attend:
This course is designed for individuals who need to conduct qualitative or quantitative respirator fit testing at their workplace. OSHA regulations are not intended to be cookbooks that tell us how to conduct respirator fit testing.

No prior fit testing experience is needed, however, prior knowledge of general respirator standards and guidelines equivalent to our "Overview of Respiratory Protection" course is required. Proof of prior training may be requested. Students who do not have at least 7 hours of formal training should consider taking our one day "Overview of Respiratory Protection" training course (or equivalent) in advance.

This program is usually held at a local hotel, located between downtown Cincinnati and the Cincinnati International Airport.

When you register, a confirmation letter will be sent with the name, location, and phone number of the host hotel.

Special arrangements will be made to reserve a block of rooms at a discounted rate. Your confirmation letter will have specific details; however, when in doubt identify yourself as a participant with the "University of Cincinnati".


Fit Testing Workshop Day 1Day 2
Registration & doors open 8:008:00
Lecture begins 8:308:30
Program ends 5:004:30
Note: Course content and times are subject to change.

Tuition: refer to registration form for current fee
Tuition includes all course materials and a comprehensive workbook. Students are enrolled in the order in which payment and registration is received. After payment is received, a confirmation letter will be sent to each student. Students should not make non-refundable travel arrangements until the confirmation letter is received. In the unlikely event the program is canceled due to accident, injury, or other unexpected event, your registration fee will be refunded in full. Liability is however, limited to the course fee. After your registration request is submitted, an email reply should be received within 48 hours. If a reply is not received, send an email to

Each student will receive a certificate suitable for framing from the University of Cincinnati, indicating the number of contact hours attending.

About Our Course:
We don't sell or manufacture respirators. Therefore, our approach is to provide students the information needed to meet respiratory protection requirements. We have no hidden agenda. The information is presented in an unbiased, understandable, and professional manner.

Refund & Transfer Policy:
Registration is refundable (less a 25% administrative fee) only if notice is received at least 21 days prior to the course date. We will gladly substitute one student for another student for the same course date at any time. Registration is transferable to another course date provided notice is received at least 21 days prior to the course date. A 25% administrative fee is assessed if the transfer request is not received in writing at least 21 days prior to the course date. Refunds are not provided if students do not attend their confirmed course date unless a replacement can be found.

Course Schedule

  • April 17-18, 2019
  • October 23-24, 2019
Course Fee: $570

Save $150 if Fit Test Workshop is taken with Overview of Respiratory Protection
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