Answers to Common Questions:

 What is "Quantitative" Fit Testing?
       Quantitative Fit testing is a procedure used to measure the fit of a respirator. Using "state of the art" computerized equipment, we can identify the proper make, model, and size respirator that best fits your workers without exposing them to irritating gases, dusts, or other particles.
 Why Choose our Fit Testing Program?
       We have over 300 different make, model, and size respirators available for fit testing. Because we handle every respirator brand, we're not forced into fitting worker's into a brand you don't use. Finding a respirator that's comfortable is just as important as finding one that fits, and an uncomfortable respirator will not be worn. Our staff are experienced fit testers. We have more equipment and experience than anyone in the Tri-state area.
 How Important Is Proper Fit?
       Issuing respirators without proper education and fit testing may cause more harm than good. Using a poorly fitting respirator can create a false sense of security and result in significant overexposure to hazardous substances. Proper fit can only be identified by fit testing.
 Is Fit Testing Required?
       Yes. OSHA, NIOSH, and ANSI all require fit testing for tight fitting respirators.
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