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 Experience: Dr. McKay is director of the fit testing laboratory at the University of Cincinnati's Center for Occupational Health, where in-house fit testing is performed for several hundred companies. Dr. McKay is a member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association's Respiratory Protection Committee, a national committee developed to disseminate respiratory protection information. In addition, Dr. McKay has been appointed to the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z88 Respiratory Protection Committee, the Z88.6 Physical Qualifications Committee, and the Z88.10 Fit Testing Committee.

 Record Keeping and Administration: Copies of all test results, identifying successfully fitting mask styles, size, make, model, etc, will be sent to each employer. In addition a copy is maintained in our files for future reference. Each worker will also receive a copy of his/her fit testing results. The bottom line is our simplified record keeping process can reduce your administrative time.

 Longevity: Our Center for Occupational Health is an outgrowth of one of the oldest and largest occupational and environmental training programs in the country. This means our testing is recognized by others as thorough and of high quality. In addition, we will be here in the future to answer your questions and/or repeat testing whenever needed.

 Teaching Experience: Dr. McKay teaches a graduate level Respiratory Protection Training class at the Department of Environmental Health as well as respiratory protection continuing education programs. This means you get practical, accurate, up-to date answers to your respirator questions.

 State of the Art Equipment: We use the best equipment with knowledgeable staff.

 Third Party Objectivity: Our professional approach enhances test quality and minimizes the chance of false testing.

 Research: Dr. McKay is actively involved in respirator research with publications in peer review journals and has presented findings at several international conferences.
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